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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bob Boyte Congratulates: Lanier High School For Good Deeds

Mrs. Davis left, Mrs. Webb right

By: Blake Fitzhugh

Bob Boyte wanted to congratulate Lanier High School in their achievements for donating so generously to helpful organizations. This is the story:

When we parked in the parking lot, we had just resolved a conversation about different ways to do good things in the community. Tony LaRosa (pictured below) expressed his feelings about donations and community service. “Yea, you know, I wish we could see more of it. These kids did a good thing,” Tony LaRosa said as he got out of the vehicle.

As I started to get the pizzas, Sales Manager Garrick Holman nodded in agreement, “It makes you feel good. I’m just glad there was a way for us to thank them.” We headed into Lanier High School located on Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., in Jackson. Once through the doors, we went eagerly towards the classroom where we could meet those who sacrificed willingly to help others in need. That’s when we ran into Mrs. Webb.

Mrs. Webb teaches accelerated English II classes and welcomed us with open arms. She thanked us for coming down. Then, once she knew we were comfortable, went to find the woman who organized it all. A few minutes later, in walked Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Davis teaches Intro to Biology, Human Anatomy, and Physiology. 
Mrs. Davis listening to General Manager
 Tony LaRosa speak.

“It all started,” she said with a refreshing smile, “when we had the idea to donate canned dog food. We called it, ‘Dawgs helping Dogs,’ since that’s our school’s mascot. We donated to CARA, the only non-kill shelter around.” ( We, at Bob Boyte, had no idea that Lanier students did that as well! She continued to tell us about their current donation. Since, ‘Dawgs helping Dogs,’ was such a hit, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Webb teamed up to start a new, aptly named project, ‘Children helping Children.’

Their students would donate their loose change, then collect from the other students, then they had to count it all, and roll all the coins: the students did this all themselves, they were responsible. Mrs. Davis was extremely proud of her students, “they were serious about this. It’s funny; the two classes started really competing with each other. They wouldn’t tell how much they made some days, so the other class wouldn’t have an idea how much they made and work all that much harder.” All the competition and good fun really paid off. After all was said and done, they donated over $1600 dollars to Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children and Ronald McDonald House!

“Blair E. Batson said that Lanier High School’s donation was the largest contribution out of all the JPS schools!” Mrs. Davis said proudly. It was overwhelmingly evident how happy she was and it really rubbed off on everyone else.

General Manager Tony LaRosa left
Sales Manager Garrick Holman Right

Tony LaRosa gave a speech on behalf of Bob Boyte. He thanked the children, and informed them of the pizzas we got for them earlier. Then Garrick Holman gave them positive words to continue with their education and keep being leaders.

The students celebrating their success.

          From all of us here at Bob Boyte Honda, we thank you all at Lanier High School! Keep up the great work. Amazing job guys, amazing!

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